Before beginning with the Boiler framework, it is important to setup a good build environment. This tutorial shows you the stages to build your development area in an existing basic LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) server. We will also touch on the Eclipse PDT build environment ready for you to start building with your new framework.

What you will need:

  • Apache 2.2+
  • PHP 5.3+ (Should be already set-up)
  • MySQL (Create a database and username for later)
  • Git Version Control
  • ant (Optional for additional build features)
In this installation we will be installing in /var/www/Boiler, but you will need to decide yourself where to install it on your PC. On Windows you may decide C:/www/Boiler is a sensible place

Step 1: Git

Check out the git:

  1. git clone

If you have any issues with the code, or would like to comment please see our project page at

Step 2: Apache Configuration

Your Apache configuration for the site should resemble the following:

  1. <VirtualHost fwk.localhost:80>
  2. ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
  4. DocumentRoot /var/www/Boiler/htdocs
  5. <Directory />
  6. Options FollowSymLinks
  7. AllowOverride None
  8. </Directory>
  9. <Directory /var/www/Boiler/htdocs>
  10. Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
  11. AllowOverride All
  12. Order allow,deny
  13. allow from all
  14. </Directory>

There are so many ways to configure Apache with PHP we suggest you copy the configuration for an existing site and edit the lines DocumentRoot and <Directory /var/www/Boiler/htdocs> to the correct values.

 About Your Installation

The framework is split up into three main directories framework/application, framework/system and htdocs

The framework/application directory is where your build will happen. Anything you need to edit will be in this directory, away from the system files which make the application work in framework/system. Most core classes are extended in the framework/application folder to allow overriding.

The framework/system directory contains all the standard code to make your application work. The database framework and routing classes for example are all stored in here. If you need to make a change to this directory it is probably true you also should log a bug with your code into our project page, as the problem you are facing will affect others.

The htdocs directory is the public directory of the project. In this directory you will find an .htaccess file, telling the server to route all requests through the index.php file found in this directory. Files such as static CSS and JS should be put in this directory, as they are not server executable, and should be accessed without the help of PHP, thereby saving server resources. Just create folders in this directory and your files will be available!

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