This guest blog post was written by Bryony Simcox, violinist and vocalist from The Offbeat. Bluelight Studios worked with Bryony to turn her hand drawn images into the website you see today. “We Are The Offbeat”, their debut album, can be heard and bought through their website.

As a musician, you have no idea that entering the industry will involve publicity, technology, social media and business. In fact, as a member of the Midlands-based IndieFolk four-piece The Offbeat, it is safe to say that less than 20% of my time is spent actually writing music and performing. Gaining (and maintaining) a solid fanbase, as well as having a strong online presence for the band are key parts of my role within the group, and when it came to an official website, Bluelight Studios was there to help.

The band have a certain identity that we wanted to convey through our website, as well as including lots of active content and rich media. Through the site design process, it was important that we made it user friendly, but also friendly towards me (as ‘chief site-
updater’ and admin). I publish an occasional blog post, have a flickr page, and maintain a twitter feed, and it was a requirement that these could directly affect the website, saving time and effort.

Will at Bluelight Studios had a personal approach to the project, helping to tailor-make a site that fitted The Offbeat as a ‘brand’, as well as creating something that I was able to adapt myself using basic Dreamweaver skills. We based the template around accessing social media and music sites (such as Soundcloud, Twitter and YouTube) so that every page of the website offers external links, like to The Offbeat’s Facebook page. Simplicity is key to Bluelight Studios’ approach. When it came to an ‘Images’ page, it seemed intuitive that they feed directly from our Flickr account. Likewise, ‘News’ streams straight from the blogspot page that we keep updated, so that the website just becomes a full integration of all our other sources – the ultimate combination of any information posted out on different websites.

In a fast-paced world of competition and innovation, Bluelight Studios are working at the forefront of the online industry, helping large-scale companies down to specialist clients like me create highly functional and appealing websites. I would thoroughly recommend their skilled services – visit for proof!

The Offbeat 2012-released debut album can be heard and bought at

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