In July I led four performances of ‘Sensational Bodies’, a new guided walk written in association with the Queen’s Gallery summer exhibition on Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical work. In a month of typically contradictory London summer weather (paint-peeling sunshine, thunder, gusts of bus-warm air) we joined the dots between the Royal College of Surgeons, a notorious anatomical wax museum, the gallows at Newgate, and the pub where stolen bodies could be bought as easily as pints. Mike Pollitt of Snipe London – an online journal of London’s news, politics and culture – came along for the last performance, and you can find out what he made of the experience here.

If Mike’s review makes you want to explore ‘Sensational Bodies’ for yourself, there’s a self-guided audio version on the Sick City Walks web app. Just point your smartphone phone or tablet’s browser to, and follow the links. And if you’d like to discuss the possibilities for a live Sick City Walk, please do drop me a line at sickcityproject at gmail dot com.

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