We love our out-of-hours challenges, and this time we’ve partnered up with fireworks and event experts Walk The Plank to bring back to life some local historical ruins, with 3D modelling and building mapping techniques!

Beaudesert Hall is an estate adjacent to Castle Ring on Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, encompassing three distinct areas: Beaudesert Old Park incorporating the location of the hall, the gardens, and the stables. The Beaudesert Hall was established in approximately 1292 by the Trumwyns of Cannock. Notable other tenures include the Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry in the early 14th Century, and following the reformation by Henry VIII, when the bishops were relieved of Beaudesert, one of the kings closest advisers Sir William Paget.

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Beaudesert Park Scout and Guide campsite, is creating a centenary camp called “beau-de-lee”, and as such we’re working as part of a voluntary team of experts to work on, what we hope to be, a complete history of the historic Beaudesert Hall, from 1546 to it’s destruction in 1935. So how do a group of pyro-technicians and computer programmers work on it? Well here is our plan:

  1. Create a 3D model of the complete old hall
  2. Use the computer models to reconstruct a scale model of wood
  3. Work out a video projection solution to create an animated version of events on the scale model
  4. Burn the entire structure! (The fire in 1909?)

Building Mapping

Building mapping is the technique used to project images onto a building, while taking into account the architecture, allowing you to use the architectural features of the building to bring to life normally 2D images. The technique uses high powered projectors to make an lifeless structure an animated eye-catching wonder!

The Beaudesert Hall project is very much like this, taking the ruins of an old hall and turning it into something living. However, even in the initial phases of research, the project has already hit quite a few bumps.

First of all, building mapping is normally carried out on a relatively flat building, using features such as windows, doors and small ledges to create its end effect. While sitting around a small open fire onsite with the other crew, we considered the idea of using multiple low-end projectors overlaid on the same flat section of wall to create an image vivid enough for the project to capture attention.

However, after initial research it has become apparent that Beaudesert Hall was never a “flat” building. The main iconic tower, incorporating the front lobby, was in fact a somewhat imposing architectural feature and the sheer notion of removing such a fundamental part of the structure when creating the scale model is incomprehensible!

As such we needed a new approach on the the build, and currently have the idea of using projectors from multiple angles. The idea is simple; when rendering the building create two different angles, projected from two different angles thereby encasing the entire building in light! In practice this is so much harder! Has anyone ever made a video player which allows you to play two completely different video streams with one play button so all the projectors work synchronously?!

Let’s see what the future brings!

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