As with any project using Open Source software, you are required to release any source code that has been “modified” back into the community, so here is our list of code.

Boiler Framework

Firstly, it is important to note that all code has been built on our open source “Boiler” platform. The details and tutorials of this can be found on it’s own blog and can be downloaded via GitHub

GeoLib Library

The GeoLib Library was built from phpcoord and has now been built into a Boiler library. This is a great library which has been fully tested. It is a drop-in implementation into the application/library folder.

GeoPHP Library

GeoPHP is a project by Patrick Hayes built into a namespaced PHP library compatible with Boiler. The package converts to range of geo formats, including KML, RSS, WKT, WKB and JSON. This framework has not been fully tested and some functions will probably need some namespace references adding. This project will be tidied up as Local Data requires it.


GoogleMaps Utility (Compatible with OpenStreetMap) is a WTS (Web Tiling Service) library, aimed at converting tile requests, to LatLng boundings, then converting LatLng to Pixel values on that tile. It is fully functional and has been namespaced as a drop-in package for Boiler.


ShapeDB is a library for Boiler which reads ESRI Shapefiles. It appears in code in various places on the web, but as it does not come with a licence file, it’s origin is unknown. Works really well, but requires the dbase extension for PHP.

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