A superset is the name Bluelight Studios gives to data which has been directly copied from another data source, normally when the data has not recorded accurately enough to give a value for the given detail level.

An example is Indicies of Deprivation, where Super Output Areas (OA) are copied from LSOA datasets, because the data was not compiled at an OA level.


The Wellcome Trust

Museums, galleries and cultural attractions have already acknowledged that they need their own compelling, customised iPhone and Android apps. These reach out to new audiences, while enhancing existing physical collections and enriching the visitor experience.

Tutorial #2: Controllers

Controllers are the¬†fundamental¬†starting point of the Boiler framework, linking the raw HTTP request to the correct function. The following tutorial builts a “Hello World” controller, which you can run on your own machine.


PHP FPM issues

Calculating resource allocation

Transferring Live Sites

Tweaking MySQL

Database Normalisation

Postfix and libpam

libpam-shield bug

Secondary mail servers

Ubuntu Dual Boot on iMac

Gnome3 vs Unity


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