What is Boiler?

Boiler is a PHP framework we design our custom development projects on. With a the help of the Open Source community we aim to deliver a fast, secure and flexible framework which you can base your custom development work on.

Tutorial #1: Installation

Before beginning with the Boiler framework, it is important to setup a good build environment. This tutorial shows you the stages to build your development area in an existing basic LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) server. We will also touch on the Eclipse PDT build environment ready for you to start building with your new framework.

Tutorial #2: Controllers

Controllers are the¬†fundamental¬†starting point of the Boiler framework, linking the raw HTTP request to the correct function. The following tutorial builts a “Hello World” controller, which you can run on your own machine.

Tutorial #3: Views

Views can be used to create both web pages and HTML mail, while maintaining a division between the logic and layout of your page. This crucial split makes updates easier and readability of your code. When working with Graphics Designers this also allows an area for pure HTML which can be linked quickly with the logic code behind, allowing PHP coding in a large muti-discipline team.

Tutorial #4: Models

Models act as the gateway to the MySQL database, but do not require you to write any MySQL queries! The entire system can be accessed through PHP objects, which are autogenerated through the build system!