We’ve moved to Dublin!

Over the next few weeks our upstream provider will be doing some upgrades, and to avoid the pending issues we have decided to move our servers to another platform, based in Dublin. This has come with some other massive benefits, which we hope you will see on the ground.

Project Beau

We love our out-of-hours challenges, and this time we’ve partnered up with fireworks and event experts Walk The Plank to bring back to life some local historical ruins, with 3D modelling and building mapping techniques!

We Are The Offbeat

The Offbeat

This guest blog post was written by Bryony Simcox, violinist and vocalist from The Offbeat. Bluelight Studios worked with Bryony to turn her hand drawn images into the website you see today. “We Are The Offbeat”, their debut album, can be heard and bought through their website.

UK-Postcodes Reaches 2.2 Million Requests

After acquiring rights to host uk-postcodes.com, the service based on an open source project written by @pezholio, we are pleased to announce some new and exciting changes to mark the end of the first month of this new open source partnership. With over 2.2 million requests in November, our first month of hosting the site, we’re ready to give the site a makeover!